Is dale jr still dating amy

The 42-year-old NASCAR racer said "I Do" to Amy Reimann just in time for 2017, the athlete confirmed on social media after the lavish holiday celebration. 31 at a vineyard in South Carolina owned by fellow racer Richard Childress. "My heart is truly filled with love and joy.""Happily married!!! "I'll have y'all know that I did wake up eventually.

Came downstairs to find my wife asleep on our couch," the famous stock car driver quipped back. #ISaid Yes," Reimann gushed on Instagram at the time.

"I always thought the greatest accomplishment in life was to raise a child aside from getting married in the first place.

According to's Bob Pockrass, Childress Vineyards is owned by NASCAR team owner Richard Childress, who was the car owner for Junior's father, Dale Earnhardt, for many years.

Among them was Danica Patrick, who posted a photo of herself after she caught Reimann's bouquet: The 42-year-old Earnhardt missed all but 18 races this past season because of a concussion, but he was cleared to return to action in early December.

The car is stripped of paint and decals, down to bare primer -- gunmetal gray. "And going and doing some simple task becomes a problem. What people are going to think, who's going to judge me and am I going to be good enough, am I worthy? Some mornings when he wakes up, it is cold and dead.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s crew works alone in the garage, making last-minute tweaks to his race car. He worries that it will fall apart again if he's not a good enough driver and a good enough man."I always make things worse than they are, or create problems that aren't there," he says.

The couple first announced their Germany engagement in June 2015 after dating since 2009. We met the pastor at the old Lutheran church in Ilbesheim, where the Earnhardt's lived.

Everybody tells me it's the greatest thing ever and I take their word for it."But before they can get to babies, they have a honeymoon to enjoy.


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