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Suppressed disillusionments weaken that foundation and make relationship more likely to fail.

Many couples push relationship distresses under the rug without resolution and find much later that they are unable to recover from these festering sorrows.

All relationships are more or less dysfunctional in different ways and at different times. In order to stay in a committed relationship, most intimate partners adapt to many disappointments and disillusionments during the time they’re together.

If there is enough good in the relationship to compensate, they weather those distresses and continue to love each other.

If these are happening in a dating relationship, I believe these are grounds breaking up or seriously re-evaluating your future together. A relationship is dysfunctional when…(In no particular order)1.

If these are happening in a marriage, I encourage you to seek professional counseling or start with one of the retreats offered at Save My One person does all (or almost all) the giving and the other does all the taking.

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Some people can get quite comfortable in a relationship that they become too complacent.

Usually the interaction begins with one negative horseman, and the other person responds with the next one.

This cycle continues until one or both partners are stonewalling, or shutting down emotionally. This is what happens when one partner realizes the conversation is in a downward spiral and then makes an attempt at repair or a bid for connection.

Identifying and exploring these typical relationship damagers might have helped.

Had the partners recognized them as they were occurring, they might have had a different perspective and learned some new ways to cope before it was too late.


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