Unable to have children dating

I’M A 33-year-old woman who was told two years ago that I wouldn’t be able to have my own genetic children.Being handed an absolute diagnosis of infertility was incredibly difficult and came as a terrible shock.I managed to lose four stone and consequently began to look forward not just to my 30s, but also to finding a partner in crime with whom to share the better years of life ahead.That conversation The “you’re completely infertile” conversation that I had with a consultant at the age of 31 was horrible.And as I’m finding out now, it’s a pain in the ovaries when it comes to dating.

It could also represent the largest asset but you should also consider the pension pot as a valuable asset too.

And of course how do women feel about men being unable to father children? there's more orphans in the world than foster parents. As a fella who is unable to have kids ( genetic , not optional) I can honestly say it wouldnt worry me in the slightest , as Ging points out , the adoption route is there .

I do think society might judge ( as it does on seemingly ALL matters these days lol ) but if it is one's reality , there really isnt much that can be done about it is there?

Unfortunately this didn’t get rid of the general down feeling and my Pacman-style method of eating, which was the only thing that seemed to make me feel better, if only temporarily.

A wake-up call arrived when my BMI hit the obese category and, not wanting to make my situation any worse, I tackled my weight problem in my late 20s.


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