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Video Tutorial: Enable the Developer Ribbon Once you have the Developer ribbon enabled, you can open a new Outlook item (of the type you want to design) then choose Developer ribbon, Design this form and the form opens in design mode.

You have two choices: you can use the File, Save as menu and choose Save as template (*.oft) in the file system or Publish it to a folder in your mailbox. Save as Templates in the file system Simple forms can be saved as templates anywhere on the drive.You can double click to open them or copy them to a folder in Outlook for easy access.Forms with custom fields need to be saved in the default Templates folder and opened using the Choose Form dialog.In Outlook 2003 and older, you can also use the Tools | Forms | Design this form command in an opened item. Check the settings under the Page options and if you are using a separate read layout, you'll need to Edit the Read Page too.When you are finished editing your form, Publish the form or save it in Windows file system as a template (*.oft).Maybe you simply want to fine-tune your forms to add your company logo, special instructions, or warnings for users.


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