Cydia updating sources bad url

I've entered wrong url from other repo & it doesn't show up in list. then SSh and/or use diskaid (or equiv) and go to private/etc/apt/d Open/edit cydia.list, Delete any bad URL entry Upload to device and then refresh Cydia to test. follow all the steps below, and I think it will work for everyone.

SSh and goto private/etc/apt/d Open Delete bad url entry Upload and refresh to test. It seems to be working for me In /private/var/lib/cydia delete out your bad url in the metadata.plist file. then in: /private/var/lib/apt/list and /private/var/lib/apt/list/partial delete out any files with the bad url in the name.

Then I remembered that Mobile Substrate features a failsafe and I was able to correct the situation.

After this ordeal I thought to myself that a lot of other people will likely be in this same boat and I should write an article explaining a couple of ways to fix a bad Cydia tweak installation without actually have to restore or re-Jailbreak your device.

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But what are the best sources/repositories that can be added to Cydia?

I entered a bad repo URL under source and now each time I refresh the page, it says bad URL. i just ssh'd and found private/etc/apt/d in which is listed: yellowsn0list list list however, user-entered sources don't seem to show up there. So far it's all good on my 3GS with 3.12JB Thanks for part of the Steps duceduc I have been in that folder.

I can't seem to make that message go away and the repo has been deleted under source.

It also includes many other tweaks that will enrich your i Phone experience.

It is definitely one of the sources worth adding to Cydia if you have opted for the jailbreak.


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