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Bokusenō was familiar with the Inu no Taishō's designs and was the only one of his allies or vassals who got along with the Inu no Taishō's eldest son, Sesshōmaru.

As such, Bokusenō is instrumental in developing Sesshōmaru's understanding of Inuyasha's hanyō nature and the connection between Inuyasha and the Tessaiga.

Bokusenō was also the means by which the Tenseiga was delivered to Sesshōmaru, since the Inu no Taishō's vassals were too afraid of Sesshōmaru to deliver it themselves.

Because of the information Bokusenō gives Sesshōmaru on Inuyasha's demon blood, Sesshōmaru ultimately gives up on his quest to claim the Tessaiga and allows his younger half-brother to maintain possession of the sword.

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Totosai wasn't even in the same episode as Inuyasha and Kikyo.

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