Partners of alzheimers dating

In this program, partners of Alzheimer's sufferers tell their stories, relive their challenges and daily struggles while living with this disease.Learn how spiritual guidance and God's presence, while dealing with a loved one can help lift the burden.

Rosenthal Automotive made a donation to Us Against Alzheimer's for every New and Pre-Owned vehicle sold during that month.

No, this funding does NOT get us on a NIH research par with many other major diseases, but the increases made in just a few years is encouraging.

These new funds could keep more researchers in the Alzheimer’s field (see my previous blog post about why scientists are leaving or have left the field of cognitive research).

Projected Number of People Age 65 and Older (Total and by Age Group) in the U.

"Early stage" refers to people, irrespective of age, who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or related disorder, and are in the beginning stage of the disease. As a care partner (a term many choose to use rather than “caregiver,” since a person in the early stage of dementia may not need much assistance), you may find yourself in a new and unfamiliar role.


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