Phpbb3 version not updating acp updating me beta code

A basic overview of running php BB3 can be found in the accompanying README file.Please ensure you read that document in addition to this![PHPBB3-10691] - Search index creation CLI script incorrectly calculates indexing speed [PHPBB3-10699] - Long h2 title breaks div.minitabs in MCP [PHPBB3-10708] - After a conversion, passwords with UTF8 characters do not work when user_pass_convert is set.[PHPBB3-10717] - memberlist_view.html: including admin defined profile fields doesnt work [PHPBB3-10723] - Do not use SQLite on PHP 5.4 in Tests on Travis [PHPBB3-10731] - JS function addquote() works incorrectly in Opera [PHPBB3-10751] - MS SQL Error when searching Admin Log [PHPBB3-10760] - In pre-commit git hook, syntax error is thrown, but is not specifically described [PHPBB3-10767] - Git hooks do not work properly with git GUIs [PHPBB3-10774] - db_tools::create_unique_index does not use specified index names on My SQL [PHPBB3-10790] - Strict comparison on user_id for sending pms [PHPBB3-10797] - Template var for user rank not filled [PHPBB3-10835] - Misleading message in UCP when no permission to change password [PHPBB3-10846] - Missing alias for MAX(post_id) in SQL query in acp_[PHPBB3-10849] - Missing BBCode Help Text in subsilver2 [PHPBB3-10858] - $db-sql_fetchfield returns false with mssqlnative [PHPBB3-10860] - Side-by-side diff styling javascript bug [PHPBB3-10881] - Some files use 0x A9 as the copyright symbol which is neither ASCII nor the UTF8 copyright symbol.

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[PHPBB3-9348] - Correctly encode default_dateformat when converting from php BB2 [PHPBB3-9575] - The word "administrate" is not correct.Please read this document completely before proceeding with installation, updating or converting.This document will walk you through the basics on installing, updating and converting the forum software.For more detailed information on using, installing, updating and converting php BB3 you should read the documentation available online.If you have basic knowledge of using FTP and are sure your hosting service or server will run php BB3 you can use these steps to quickly get started.) to a directory on your host and unarchive it there.


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