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A homophobic comment and warning to fellow heterosexuals that contact with a gay male is likely or happening.

When you’re waking up, getting dressed, eating meals, invading small tourist towns, going to bed, laughing at comedians and hanging out with other queers 24/7 for an entire week, your entire worldview can shift just like that.

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E.g."That poor bastard never stood a chance once the avalanche started." Adj.

Lone Star bartender Clint Taylor likes to ensure his new barbacks are happy in their new position so he does all he can to maximize employer-employee relationships.

Eve’s transgression and punishment by God further reinforced the female’s subservient relationship to her husband. Paul added a dash of New Testament authority, stating that women should “submit themselves to their husband” as to the Lord.Despite being in my mid-twenties, I’d only just realized that I might be gay, and I’d been attempting to signal my hypothetical queerness to other hypothetically queer New York pedestrians the only way I knew how: by dressing exactly like Shane Mc Cutcheon.But after a few days on the boat, everything changed, including my attire. The English meal of sausages and mashed potato is traditionally called bangers and mash. Originally an amputee, especially a soldier, who had lost all four limbs, coined during the First World War. Bookmark and get back soon to check out the gems we add.


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