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It is located 6 km (3.7 mi) northwest of Gospić, and fifteen kilometers from the Zagreb-Split highway; its population is 418 (2011).It consists of eighteen scattered hamlets (Baćinac, Bogdanic, Covina, Colon Hill, Drazic, Kolakovic, Kovacevici, Ljutača, Milkovic Varos, Miljac, Miskulin Hill, Podkrčmar, Rasovača, Rosulje, Smiljan, Smiljansko Polje, Vaganac).One dot This hardtop was known to be made between 1960-1969.From the dot over the "T", we know the glass was manufactured in the first quarter of the year (Jan-Mar).Olhando abaixo, notamos que o pontinho está na letra U, portanto, trata-se de 1963.Agora que você sabe disso, pode sair e verificar o carro do seu amigo e demonstrar todo o seu conhecimento, ou pode ir até o seu carro e verificar se ele já teve um vidro substituído por causa de um acidente.... Triplex Safety Glass is now owned by Pilkington, which uses a similar method of dating using dots under letters, but is not described here.If you know the decade your car was produced, you can find the last digit of the year by looking for two dots in the TRIPLEX logo on the glass.

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I'd be more inclined to guess that the car's a late '65/early '66 that has had the one piece of glass changed out at some point. I purchased from my sister-in-law after my brother passed away in 99. He bought em and flipped em as hobby in between fighting crime as cop in Oakland, CA. 70 The windshield on the yellow one must be original but it has the word laminated instead of toughened, Still works though with nine letters also.

From the dot below the "U", we know the glass was manufactured in 1963.

) is a village in the mountainous region of Western Lika in Croatia.

Have you looked in Original MGB to get an idea when your car was built? She did tell me that his plan was to keep this one for himself though. On the side vents on one of the cars and the windshield I have ONE dot below the E and TWO dots below the X. 1964 Roadster Rivergate Tranny Negative Ground Alternator Hi-torque starter Custom wire harness, with relays and ATC fuses Dayton Chrome wire wheels Schlemmerized Lucas 25D Dizzy w/ Pertronix module Falcon big bore SS exhaust Old topic,but I still have a question, I have 2 triplex windshields.

It runs great and I sure wish I could find out where he got it. --------------------------------------- Services to Interesting British Automobiles----------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- -------------I like to think that I don't service automobiles so much as I provide entertainment, fulfill dreams and revive wonderful memories -------------- I am in the northwestern North Carolina mountains, right up against the Blue Ridge Parkway. One has the triplex information on the left outside part and the other has it on the centre of the inside .


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