Updating eclipse ganymede

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Click open the "Web Tools (WTP) Update Site", select "Web Tools Platform (WTP) 3.0.1" and click on the Install button.

Is this because I downloaded the Ganymede flavor of WTP and will have to wait until Sept 25?

I had a similar experience with the Subversive plugin, where I used the Ganymede Subversive update site which gave me version 0.7.1, and eclipse wouldn't allow an update to the current 0.7.3.

So you could do a fresh install of the latest version of Eclipse, add the extra plugins that you want (many of which will have newer versions for Eclipse 3.5) and when you launch, just make sure you point to your old workspace. Enter the update site for the Galileo (3.5) release train: Now go back to the Installed Software tab and click the Update... After some computation you should be presented with a list of available updates (or some cryptic errors about how your current environment cannot be updated due to compatibility issues). 5.- Downloaded and installed the PDT plugin (I develop in PHP).

And "Voila", now I'm able to run Eclipse 3.4 and 3.5.


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