Are ariana and avan dating

Meanwhile, Robbie (Matt Bennett) works to remove a butterfly that’s stuck in Cat’s (Ariana Grande) ear.

The ep also features a performance of “You Don’t Know Me,” written and performed by Liz!

I am so glad to have met him and have a friend like him in my life. Fans speculated that his voice could be heard on one of her Instagram videos and so on.

But the real proof came in the last week, when their PDA and Twitter gushiness started back up.

It has been over three months that the news of Avan and Zoey's break up surfaced in the media and the news was a hard pill to swallow as they were together for five years.But when you really think about it, it’s tough to keep track of every single person the 21-year-old singer has rumored to be together over the weekend for a sleepover complete with festive onesies!I think if you continuously choose to court the public's attention to your relationship, you run the risk of asking them to pry more out of it, but it would also be a bit strange to totally ignore your significant other's existence in public as well.Now, you guys might be wondering that how their 5 years long love affair began.We have a feeling those rumors about Ari being difficult to work with may be false, considering she's clearly still friends with all of her Nick castmates.


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