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Do-it-yourself legal work, she soon learned, isn’t for the faint of heart.“It’s back and forth, speak to the clerks, get it served, get it filed,” says Augustine, who used up all her vacation and sick days in a gruelling odyssey to sort out her family life.He alluded to comments made by Trump on the campaign trail, and by his ally, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who claimed that Trump had asked him how a "Muslim ban" could be enacted legally."There's rather shocking evidence of intent to discriminate," Purcell said.The appeals court judges sparred with attorneys over the President's use of sweeping executive power, questioned the connection between the seven affected countries and terrorism, and launched into tough questions over whether the ban discriminated against Muslims.During the telephone hearing, the lawyer representing the Justice Department, August Flentje, argued that the President had wide powers relating to immigration and national security.

“I’d be online all night, or calling friends,” says Augustine, 36.There are many things that happen before the trial date.There are often pre-trial hearings where your lawyer will go to court to discuss settlement or to resolve issues about the conduct of your case (like whether certain documents must be submitted).When going through a divorce, dealing with a family law dispute, or fighting to protect yourself from domestic violence or false accusations, you need someone you can trust.These are important events in your life that will have long-term impacts for you and your family, and without the right help, you may not end up with the outcome you deserve.Our attorneys focus their practices exclusively on representing individuals in family law matters.


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