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In spring they will also hunt young elk, but it is the abundance of berries in late summer that can be a crucial factor in enabling them to survive a harsh winter.I am a gentle, sincere, considerate, affectionate, non-smoker who loves female companionship.Yellowstone, an area of outstanding natural beauty, has a wide variety of nutritious berries, such as serviceberry, chokecherry, buffaloberry, twinberry and huckleberry, which have doubled in quantity over the past two decades, the scientists found.

The series premiered on March 24, 2008 and in the past has aired new episodes Sunday nights.Tim Treadwell knew this of course, but he made a lifestyle out of living in very close and unprotected proximity to these creatures for over a decade, filming them and doing what he could do to protect them.The bears didn't understand him or his complex motivations. Ultimately, one of them started thinking of him as a food source and then ate him and his girlfriend.The show allows survivors to explain – in their own words – how they overcame life-threatening circumstances without dramatic reenactments.Most episodes feature three separate stories involving kidnapping or getting stranded in a remote location; however, some only feature two. In a stripped-down, simple-yet-cinematic interview style, I Survived...Warning – I'll probably have spoilers in the content below here.


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