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This is a post written by Couple and Sex therapist Dr. Maybe it was around the time my mother’s third marriage ended that I became interested in the nature of love relationships, what made them prosper and what made them sink like the Titanic, taking down all but a very few survivors.

At the time, in an immigrant section of Brooklyn, no one got divorced; the word had barely made it into the everyday lexicon.

One of the observations that has become obvious to me is that a love relationship is not about making the other person into the image you imagine him or her to be.

That sounds simple, but barely a day passes in my office without this issue coming to the forefront with a couple pointing at each other in disappointment.


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    Each age group has its concerns, and we took the time to review each of them. While he may be listening to jazz, she is more interested in the latest hip-hop release. Caring for one another while caring for children and aging parents.