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This rich body of knowledge is a valuable public resource, alive with thoughts and experiments.Yet it remains inaccessible and intangible to most.the regional archive of lakes is a vault that keeps it the historical archives of the region, but the user can have direct acce DEGREE PROJECT, LOS LAGOS REGIONAL ARCHIVEIt is of the utmost interest of the Dirección de Bibliotecas y Museos (DIBAM) to impulse regionalization through subdirection units located in every regional capital city, in order to ensure the safety of local heritage, and strengthen cultural identity.Therefore, a public contest will be carried out in Los Lagos Region, in order to find the most suitable project for the building in which the aforementioned service will be given.The chosen city is Puerto Montt, capital of Los Lagos Region.This city functions as a tourist, economic, and geographic center, which creates a constant influx of assets regarding the historical and cultural aspects of the city.Yet, despite this building’s status, there is no localized home for Utzon’s work.Instead, Utzon’s archive lies buried in basements across Sydney.

and Antonio Varas St., in the corner with San Martin St..

Museum of Architecture | Jørn Utzon Archive In 1957, the renowned Danish architect Jørn Utzon was commissioned to design the Sydney Opera House.

The resulting building is recognized as a masterpiece of twentieth-century architecture.

The MA|UA consolidates and catalogues Utzon’s archive in a single place.

An elevated wunderkammer, it stores and displays the content, making it accessible to a curious public.


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