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I feel like we could have done more with this attraction. Exemplary audio was provided by three talented performers – two of these people are famous event DJs in Toronto, DJ Tairo (pictured above) and DJ Xitmint, and the third was Elena Musician.Elena plays an electronic violin and OMG, she was the star of the show (when Laura wasn’t around).You want to remain calm and have a brief idea of what you’re going to say to her before you approach her.If you’re nervous, speaking too low, or lack the confidence, you may loose her attention in the first 5 minutes. Conversation: Try and remember not to ask the standard questions like “so what do you do for a living? She shouldn’t feel like she’s in an interview or that you have put little effort into the approach.Two of the more notable media makers included Howard Berger from a popular Maple Leafs hockey blog, and Joel Levy interior photographer Toronto who snapped all the pictures in the official write-up about the relationship book launch event on Single in the City blog.Joel also let Sweets Canada blog use some of his snaps (and we used a few here in this post).Everyone was eager to congratulate Laura Bilotta and get a signed copy of Laura’s new book, And like all things Single in the City, this event was also a Singles Networking event filled with colourful people, good music and great food. Lots of established relationship coaches and venerated advice columnists were in the crowd including Valerie Gibson, matchmaker and author of .Chef Tomo kept the treats coming all night long, and unlike other affairs where the food is gobbled up in just a few minutes , at this extra special extravaganza there was more than enough to go around . Laura got advice and positive feedback on her book from other notable journalists and newspaper columnists, including some men.

So it’s a New Year and we have some lofty goals for meeting someone special.Before you Get Matched, it’s crucial that you are living a healthy and happy lifestyle.Shanny creates a unique program, focused on new goals that allows you to work independently and monitor your personal growth.Become a member of SITC Matchmaking and let Shanny do the work for you. Shanny can be booked for a 60 minute session and can also do Skype sessions and help improve your dating strategies.Exclusive, personalized Matchmaking can save you time in your search for Mr. As Toronto’s dating expert, Shanny can immediately assess what areas you need assistance with and practices “mock dates” to get you in the zone and be successful on a first date.Samson from Mango Tree Studio event photo booth in Toronto was there operating his company’s signature smart photo booth.


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