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Some women collapsed after the two women crying hysterically, and if they arrived being embraced by the men and women close to them, amid sorrow for the fate of hundreds of detainees with ISIS as slaves, concubines and what they term “f**k wives” which reached a number of Iraqi Yezidis through the slave market for the organization of the Islamic state having been shipped to Syria and Saudi Arabia as the prices rose due to their beauty.Out of 2,000 girls and other Yezidi, have been subjected to rape and sexual violence, citing their relatives and Yezidi human rights activists.NOTES On Islam Question and Answer, one Muslim asked “Could you please clarify for me something that has been troubling me for a while.This concerns the right of a man to have sexual relations with slave girls. If it is then is the man allowed to have relations with her as well his wife/wives., she emerged with nary a bruise, looking as beautiful as ever.Not realistic, but seemingly everybody prefers women to stay pretty in our fantasies, no matter what kind of nasty treatment she's receiving.

As it turns out, the “devil worshipers” treat their women much better than Islam does.

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