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Thereafter she retired to become a recluse, at first living with her husband on a ranch near Las Vegas; and when he died of a heart- attack, moving to a modest bungalow in a suburb of Los Angeles.

Her films were virtually forgotten; and it was only when she died in 1965 at the comparatively young age of 60 that people remembered her.

Bow's lifestyle came under increasing critical scrutiny, culminating in a series of scurrilous articles making totally false allegations about her.

She made her last film in 1933 at the age of only twenty-eight.

In addition, the book explores the many myths of Jesus and the Goddess and unlocks the lost secret teachings of Christian mysticism, which promise happiness and immortality to those who attain the state of Gnosis, or enlightenment.

This daring and controversial book recovers the ancient wisdom of the original Christians and demonstrates its relevance to us today. in classical civilization, specializing in the ancient mystery religions.

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