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Using hand processing and archaic chemical techniques the scenes forming Tyburnia bring forth a film that is both visually and thematically engrossing, demonstrating that despite the gallows having long since vanished, we still stand in the shadow of its punitive ideology.James Holcombe began researching Tyburn Gallows during a three month residency with the Edgware Road Project in 2009 as part of the’s Free Cinema School.There is no easier place to look to identify sites visited by a specific user at a specific time.Browser history is so useful, a critical shortcoming is often ignored; with today's dynamic web pages, the vast number of web page requests go unrecorded.While the browser history database may only show the page visited, the cache holds most of the components retrieved to dynamically build that page.

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The first word indicates that people had taken the bones of the 130,000 year old mastodon apart– which in itself would be a “neat, but what’s the fuss” result. The peopling of the Americas has been a contentious topic for some time, but virtually all the debate has concerned a relatively slim time interval– 12-30 kya (see here for a previous discussion at WEIT, and this news piece in about two recent papers with contrasting conclusions). So what evidence do they have for this early arrival? A 130,000-year-old archaeological site in southern California, USA. James Holcombe’s film Tyburnia revisits the site of Tyburn Tree, a place of execution for over 700 years at the junction of Edgware Road and Oxford Street.Here political, religious and judicial transgressions were punished with hanging, burning and gibbeting for public entertainment and instruction.The film will premiere in London at the Carpenters Arms Pub.There is a popular belief that the wood from the gallows was taken to build the rests for beer barrels in the cellar when public executions ceased at Tyburn in 1783.First, they have the mastodon, whose bones were fractured in ways which they find inconsistent with damage by carnivores or the environment, but which appear consistent only with being struck with implements.


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