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In its simplest form, a word processor is like an Expensive Typewriter or Typewriter machine, with the improvement of being able to proofread, and correct mistakes before printing.

Microsoft Word is the most widely used word processing software according to a user tracking system built into the software. Many other word processing applications exist, including Word Perfect (which dominated the market from the mid-1980s to early-1990s on computers running Microsoft's MS-DOS operating system, and still (2014) is favored for legal applications) and open source applications Open Writer, Libre Office Writer, Abi Word, KWord, and Ly X.

But deep inside the WSUS server, things are a mess: The WSUS server is the only computer that can get updates from itself, it cannot communicate with clients, and after a few days, all computers—except for the WSUS server itself—are listed as .

Visiting Event Viewer Custom Views for Server Roles, or hitting the Roles’ list collapse sign (plus sign inside the square) on Server Manager and looking into each role’s events, you’d be surprised to see there’s no recent events or perhaps no events at all listed for Web Server (IIS).

Word has the power to not only judge your grammar and spelling, but also your writing's complexity.

Click through to uncover little semi-hidden treats that only power user super ninjas know.

This shows that IIS and its pipings are broken and client computers cannot communicate with the server.

Another symptom and a confirmation of the broken IIS hypothesis is a selection of the following warning and error events listed for Windows Server Update Services: service prior to manipulation.

But over the weekend I start to feel somewhat better, just in time to start the whole cycle again.

Something I read last year described being in chemotherapy as “Feeling a profound sense of unwellness,” which is right on the money.


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