Is rajon rondo married or dating

Rex Burkhead’s wife Danielle Burkhead married him in 2014.She posted an anniversary message to him in February of 2017 and thanked him for his support.At the moment, though, having lanked over to a set of bleachers along the facility’s west wall and leaned his elbows up on one of the slats, legs splayed before him on the gleaming wood floor, Rondo, 30, lolls with an almost Zen-like calm.I had been forewarned that this interview could go a few different ways—that Rondo, depending on his mood, could be combative, surly, contrarian, thoughtful, generous, or all of the above, all in the space of a few minutes.But we sure would give it a try if we had the chance.Take a look at some of the finest men on the paint (in our opinion).

Signed with the Patriots and my wife is having my daughter on the same day. Those two words uttered by Julian Edelman’s girlfriend Adriana Lima set the record straight.Photo Credit: TNYF/If you didn’t like Dwyane Wade before, you most definitely liked him after his photo shoot in GQ magazine last year.At 31-years-old, the Miami Heat shooting guard proves that chocolate can be more than just a Hershey’s bar! Source: WENNLet’s face it, the Boston Celtics are just filled with good-looking players, and Rajon Rondo is one of them.Apparently she suffers from anxiety when she flies in planes.Her thanks were in response to his holding her hand during those flights. Last year, they traveled to Utah for some high-quality skiing.On a postpractice early afternoon at the Chicago Bulls workout facility, just across from the United Center, the players—stars and scrubs, vets and rooks—have vanished into the bowels of the building to simmer in a whirlpool, stretch a balky back, grunt and heave in the weight room.


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