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Patients would need to show proof of medical need and that they could not afford the services otherwise—a concept rooted in a similar system in the Netherlands which allows prostitution to be deducted as a medical expense. This proposal has the potential to be both pragmatic Dr.

Tuppy Owens of the Sexual Health and Disability Alliance told Vice, “Mostly, disabled people would like to be treated the same as anyone else," adding,"Often, disabled people use sex workers to help them move on, so they can find a partner.

Any violations of the law – by pimps, buyers or prostitutes - can be punished with fines between €1,000 (£860) and €50,000 (£43,000), with authorities able to withdraw brothels’ licences.

The Bundesrat, Germany’s upper house of Parliament, approved the measures on Friday following a previous vote in the Bundestag.

10, 2013), GERMAN LAWS ONLINE (unofficial English translation).) Under the amended paragraph 1 of section 177 of the Criminal Code, any person who, against the apparent will of another person, engages in sexual activity with that person, causes that person to engage in sexual activity with him/her, or makes that person actively engage in sexual acts with or tolerate sexual acts from a third person is punishable by a term of imprisonment ranging from six months to five years. When an opposing will of the person is not apparent, the offender incurs the same penalty, if the offender: 1) exploits the fact that the person is not able to form or express an opposing will; 2) exploits the fact that the person is significantly impaired in his/her ability to form or express a will due to a physical or mental condition, unless the offender is assured of the consent of this person; 3) exploits an element of surprise; 4) exploits a situation in which the victim is threatened with serious harm in case of resistance; or 5) coerces the person to actively engage in or tolerate sexual acts by threatening serious harm.

(.) The amendment to section 177 of the Criminal Code closes a gap in criminal liability that arose from a narrow wording and construction of the former provision. 9; St GB, § 184i ¶ 2.) The legislation was passed in response to the widely reported incidents at Cologne’s main train station on New Year’s Eve 2015, where an estimated 1,000 women were sexually harassed, groped, and robbed by men operating in groups, who separated women from their friends in order to facilitate their actions.

For sex workers under the age of 21, certificates will only be valid for one year and they must check in with public health authorities every six months.

Judge Michael Höhne called the killing “bizarre” and said that it fulfilled the criteria of a “nightmare scenario”.

The 32-year-old student was found guilty of manslaughter, rather than murder, despite the prosecution pushing for a life sentence.

The circumstances that led to Gabriele’s decision to kill her boyfriend remain unclear.

She kicked him out of their home shortly before the incident took place.


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