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White drywall ceilings are fantastic under very specific circumstances: A: They’re part of an all-white-aesthetic.

B: The ceilings are coffered or clad with beadboard or tongue-and-groove wood painted white.

Take them outside, and shake out into a garbage bin.

Lay the plastic sheeting back down, or lay down drop cloths before proceeding to the next step.

C: You’re broke and can’t afford another gallon of paint. However, as someone who gets paid to improve people’s homes, I can attest firsthand that it’s an easy way to give a room new identity, play up its assets or tone down its shortcomings.

Here are a few ceiling design ideas for different DIY skill sets.

You can actually purchase an asbestos testing kit right HERE on Amazon. Removing popcorn ceilings can make a heck of a mess!

If your ceiling contains asbestos, it’s best to have a professional asbestos removal service handle the job. But my repair guy had that totally covered to where there wasn’t a spec of dust left when he was done.

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I continued examining the ceiling, from corner to corner. Many home owners scrape their popcorn ceilings (aka Acoustic Ceilings). Sylvia and I are getting ready to install hardwood floors this summer, and I know the popcorn ceilings will drastically reduce the echo noise produced by hard surface flooring.”, and you respond “it’s already down to number 4, and I can barely hear it”.You have your scraped ceilings and wood or tiles floors to thank for this unwelcome sound travel throughout your home. " No, I’m not yelling; I just don’t really understand. Now let me politely ask, “Why the hell did you just leave your drywall ceiling blank but paint your drywalled walls a color?Now the room has a much cleaner, brighter look to it.


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