Lithuanian dating customs

As with all of the Baltic countries, you will notice that the lifestyle in Lithuania is very "European".You'll also notice this in St Petersburg, in Russia, and no doubt this has a lot to do with its geographical proximity and the important trade routes that historically came through the Baltic region from Western Europe.We take a look at those that are familiar to us and some that we need to brush up on if we are planning to date someone not from the UK! Malta- You should always turn up to your partner's house with a gift- even if it's a houseplant- you must not show up empty handed.Iceland- It's all about the body confidence- nudity is encouraged- so skin to the wind.A man can still be aggressive and disrespectful too.It's how a a guy from Lithuania would be mostly like.It is, however, very possible to meet women from Lithuania, both via online dating and or simply by visiting this easy-going Baltic country.How do Lithuanian women compare to women from Russia and Ukraine?

The international dating industry is far less developed in Lithuania than in former Soviet countries such as Russia and Ukraine.Estonian women shine yet again, with wonderful cheekbones and bright blue eyes (well over 50% of the Estonian population have light eyes), but I have to give top prize to Lithuanian women.Their faces reminded me of Argentina in the amount of cosmic beauty they contained.He is very secretive, aggressive, distant at times and doesn't like when I ask too many questions . I just really will like to know from other people who are lithuanian or have had PERSONAL experiences with lithuanian about how they are. Him and his friends, and brother didn't seem to value women and relationships too much.I know he is not married I just need to know if this is the way most Lithuanian man are he's been in the states almost 10 years. But, communication skills are low because of the language barrier. I should say his agression is more sexual than anything. I went to Lithuania, met his family, and really enjoyed it. I just started dating this Lithuanian guy, but I have the same exact concerns.Minority languages include Belarusian (1.5%), Polish (7.7%), Russian (8%).


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