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During the episode, Howard and Bernadette opt to spend Valentine's Day together at home in their new hot tub — but find a rabbit fighting for its life in the water.The couple works together to revive the bunny — which they fittingly name Valentino.To get the scoop on Bernadette's pregnancy and what to expect from the remainder of season nine, When did you come up with Bernadette's pregnancy?

"We knew we weren't destined to be together,” Cuoco said.Penny married him anyway, but gave him the silent treatment and questioned their union after returning home from Vegas.The fan favorite couple eventually made up, but producer Steven Molaro recently implied that it might be tough for them to adjust — with Sheldon.(Sheldon recently split from his longtime girlfriend Amy, played by Mayim Bialik.) PHOTOS: BBT stars -- before they were famous "Living arrangements are definitely going to be confronted in the first four episodes," Molaro told ."It's tricky, sure — Leonard and Penny need to move forward, but at the same time we have a broken-hearted Sheldon (Jim Parsons), who is sort of their little brother and child and it's tough to ignore that for them." PHOTOS: Best TV couples Oddly enough, both Cuoco and Penny also opted for pink wedding dresses on their big days.For now, Bernadette has yet to tell Howard as only Valentino is aware of her big baby news.


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