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That's sort of uncovering something, albeit in a small, personal, and vaguely sad way.

Whatever the explanation, it's a great excuse to run the picture again.

The sexy database is backed up there in a private repository named sexy-database. As you can see in the above image, the sexy database contains three databases: The host database contain all hosts, including mac addresses, host type (VM or hardware), network cards, etc.

The mac database contains the prefix for generating new mac addresses (we are using :3e - guess which vendor it is! The mac database is essentially used for generating mac addresses for virtual machines.

As you may be aware, sexy is an inventory management utility.

It manages hosts and IPv4 networks (IPv6 support planned - but currently not required).

Unverified sources claim that "You're stupid, I will punch you in the face! We are not so sure about that, but nonetheless more than half of the wrestling promos we hear and whitness today basically have the same meaning.

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"Ever since I won this prestigious European championship belt, I couldn't help but take notice to the many changes in Europe.Called when an attempt to connect to the database fails.Receives a hashref of connection settings as a parameter, containing the settings the plugin was using to connect (as obtained from the config file).For instance, the economy is up - suicide rates are down, and last but not least (and I- I couldn't believe this when I saw] "Really good 6-man, with lots of action and few moments of rest. All 6 guys contribute, although The Shield carries. Team K Dojo brought incredible offense and the Kings of Wrestling brought some world class heeling, bumping and stooging and trying to cheat, but when chips were down they fired back as hard as they could, and it all combined to make a seriously wonderful bout.Not sure what I expected out of this going in, but I did thoroughly enjoy. One to seek out, just awesome stuff."] "Just an awesome event, in my opinion. ) I bet you could probably use a cold shower, yourself .. (Drool-city.) Supermodels simply can't compete with the sex-appeal of a racy UTF-8 database.


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