Nonverbal communication in dating

Every culture in the world is unique in the way that the people of a culture interact with each other and with people of other cultures.

These differences encompass a wide range of facets, one of which is proxemics (concept of...

Communication is not just 'talking'; it's more about 'listening' and 'understanding'. However, logically thinking, technology has bettered the communication process and has done some harm.

We discuss the overall impact of technology on communication.

‘Loud shouting and even violence are symptoms of the ailment, not remedies.’ (Adair 2009: 3).

Communication has two main components; sending out a message to someone, and ensuring the message is received correctly to the other member of the conversation.

It helps to establish the relationship between two people and regulates interaction, but can be ambiguous.

Humans are social animals, and hence, live in a society.

Communication between individuals is vital for the smooth functioning of society, and it encompasses the interactions that individuals have with each other (interpersonal) as...

On this note, there is controversy on whether body language is universal.

Body language, a subset of nonverbal communication, complements verbal communication in social interaction.


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