Gpt disk not validating in failover cluster

Let’s look at some scenarios where a Cloud Witness would make more sense than a File Share Witness.

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However, once you’ve connected to a LUN on Fibre Channel or i SCSI storage, it is treated the same way.I’ve asked Jeffery Hicks to write a matching post that shows the Power Shell equivalents.That work is in progress and will be published at a later date.For a complete history of cluster quorums and their options please read my article on the Microsoft Press blog……. A Cloud Witness utilizes a Windows Azure Iaa S Storage Account to act as a vote in your cluster quorum.It can be used instead of a disk witness or a fail share witness.The cluster nodes simply need public internet access to reach an Azure storage account that you have provisioned as part of your Azure subscription. In most shared storage clusters you will still use a node and disk witness majority quorum.


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