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Tickets are not valid on bus services operated by Vienna Airport Lines and the City Airport Train express train.

Compared to other underground railways worldwide, the Vienna U-Bahn is young.

If you're prepared to travel even further afield, you can add a few cross-border cities to your itinerary, such as Prague and Budapest.

Stretching for about 40 kilometers between the towns of Melk and Krems, about an hour's drive from Vienna, the beautiful Wachau Valley is a World Heritage Site due to its spectacular scenery and rich history and culture.

Ticketing for the network is integrated under the Wiener Linien umbrella brand with all means of public transport in Vienna, including trams and buses.

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vis a vis the thousands of Israeli embassies, consulates, and missions throughout the world.It is being alleged that Haider was driving at high speed.But VW officials insist that the VW Phaeton’s ‘physics’ should have been able to handle the speed of Haider’s alleged acceleration as he maneuvered the car around the curve just prior to the “crash.” Regarding the alleged “drunken state” of Haider at the time of the accident, Haider’s colleagues at the intoxicated.Haider’s associates say that the official investigation had all the earmarks of a “cover-up,” arguing that the investigation results of the renowned political figure, Jorg Haider, required weeks of examination, not days.Thanks to its setting in the northeasterly foothills of the Alps, on the banks of the Danube, the area around Vienna offers an abundance of beautiful scenery to explore, from tall mountain peaks to emerald river valleys and farms.It now manages 9,740 km of track, 788 signal boxes, 247 tunnels, 6,207 bridges and eight hydro-electric power (hep) stations for the 16.7 Hz electrification system, and two hep stations for 50 Hz power generation. According to the Annual Report 2013, the company employs 39,513, there of 13,599 employees, 24,251 tenured employees and 1,663 apprentices.


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