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Here the authors suggest that “characters in literature are sometimes used as a vehicle to convey to readers the author’s worldview” (27).

The authors’ conclusion, that Gambian “female writers tend to offer to their readers a concentration of their female experiences” (28), lends credence to the fact that sometimes the writer’s own persona and experiences are also mirrored in the characters they construct.

I can’t change what I am or what I did in the past…not that I am apologetic or ashamed of my past.” As to men, Sunny said, “What gets me in the mood is a man who knows what he’s doing.

Our very own Indian sex goddess and every man's wildest fantasy, Sunny Leone seems to be the most talked about celebrity at present.

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You will get less attention from her than you would from a woman with no kids.Computers or have never used a lot for work sites spiritual dating best with.Basics to spiritual dating help us narrow down people who meet someone.You might end up with a lovely little family, who knows?If you do not mind being a step daddy to this kid and you really like his mom, them give it a try you have nothing to lose and everything to gain However remember when dating someone with kids, if it doesn't work out you lose the kids and they lose you too and kids tend to fall hard so if there's any doubt in your mind you might want to think long and hard before rushing in Well young man , you are young and its a lot for you to take in at a early age, I don't know if you dated a lot before but she is older with a kid, you are at different stages in life, you are just beginning adult hood and she has started and has a child.So would you guys still date someone who you really liked if they had a child?


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