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“They scored more points than us.’’ After that enlightening exchange, Newton answered six more questions with a total of 18 words — matching his completions for the game — before bolting.

So that’s the last image we’ll have of Newton, which is a shame, because he should be celebrated for the amazing season he had.

Living in magazineland for too long would lead you to believe that everyone is building 900hp big-blocks or twin-turbo LS1s, but that simply isn’t the case.

Not only is a more pedestrian small-block like our 347 much easier on the budget, it’s also more representative of the kind of motor found in your typical street machine.

But, as regrettable as his performance was on the field, Newton was worse off of it, taking the shine off the happy-go-lucky persona he displays when things are going well with the dabbing and sparkling toothpaste-commercial smiles.

There’s an unsavory word for that in sports: Front-runner.

Newton, who was sacked six times for 64 yards in losses, completed just 18-of-41 passes for 265 yards with an interception and two lost fumbles that led to 15 Denver points. There wasn’t nothing special that they did.’’ Wrong.

During Broncos 24, Panthers 10 in Super Bowl 50 on Sunday night at Levi’s Stadium, it was somewhat understandable Newton struggled in the loss; he had never faced a defense as ferocious as Denver’s.

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