Muffle system logging error updating 3 0 5

AIXpert Blog is about the AIX operating system from IBM running on POWER based machines called Power Systems and software related to it like Power VM for virtualisation, Power VC for Deploying VM's and Power SC for security plus performance monitoring and nmon I suddenly could not get AIX updates to work via my NIM server.

Now I feel a bit guilty with all that cussing I did about systems Director going wrong! I guess Systems Director could report error a little better to allow for all the user errors it has to deal with!

So now I worked it out - with the help excellent help of systems Director support.1) Restart the Systems Director Server and the NIM Server - just good house keeping and check you have free disk space in the filesystems.

Then switch on the tracing for this part of Systems Director.

Use warnings/annunciators to see if the indicator is lit.

Use the command-system to actuate changes to the annunciators.


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