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Sarah Beeny, 42, is married to artist and business partner Graham Swift and they have four sons, but the couple, who have been together for over 20 years, have never once muttered the words 'I love you' to each other."I've never told my husband I loved him because he'd just tease me and he said them to me either," says Sarah.

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"Also your friends might match you with someone you would never consider and they could end up being just what you were looking for."The presenter thinks Valentine's Day is a great excuse to get online and try and meet someone new.

They have now found a new base at the Bethlehem Methodist Church in St Mary.

28 April 2017 ITV There's a quote doing the rounds of Methodist circles which I assume is genuine.

Eastr London & West Essex Guardian A statue of Methodist Charles Wesley has returned to its home in Bristol after 18 months of restoration work.

The bronze figure, created in 1938, was removed in November 2015 as part of a £4.5m restoration of the New Room - said to be the oldest Methodist chapel in the world.


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