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During NEWS's hiatus in 2006, he and bandmate Takahisa Masuda formed the duo Tegomass.

In your interview four years ago you said, "At tough times I want people to look at me and smile," but I wonder if you remember that? But that's because it's not just something from four years ago, it's something that I'm always thinking."In the meeting room, when the two of them said they were quitting, what kinds of things did you think? It felt like I could grab this chance and focus the attention of the world on NEWS, on me."What kinds of things?

If in the end we were going to make the fans wait and cause them sadness, I thought that we shouldn't bother trying to stop them then."That their withdrawal was inevitable."Yeah.

Because from now on we're gonna work really hard! When the two brought up the topic of withdrawal, even if we had stopped the two of them from leaving there, I would've ended up repeating the same thing.

Tegoshi appeared with his band members on Johnny's related television shows, such as The Shonen Club and Ya-Ya-yah, soon after he entered the entertainment business.

Tegoshi quickly gained popularity with his singing and is considered by many fans to be NEWS' best singer.

If we weren't a NEWS that I could put my chest forward for, like, ' If it's this we can do it,' maybe I wouldn't have continued."I wonder if that was to prevent the atmosphere from becoming too serious, at the worst to prevent the air from becoming strange like, "the dissolution of NEWS," and that you were behaving cheerfully on purpose."Nah, I wasn't thinking about anything."On October 7th, it was announced that two of the members would withdraw and that NEWS would continue activities as four people."It was announced, but how our activities would go from there was still a blank sheet.

There was also quite the possibility that we were remaining in name only.

Sin embargo una encuesta reciente ha mostrado que dependiendo la edad, la percepciĆ³n... At the MC of that time I said to the fans, ' Sorry for making you wait."The timing of when we talked about the two of them quitting was about when the Tegomasu 2nd Live Tegomasu no Ai DVD was going to be released. I had great confidence in what we were doing with Tegomass, and if we were going to restart NEWS halfheartedly and become a group that was thought of with pity I didn't want to do it.In 2005, Tegoshi landed the lead role in the movie Shisso, becoming the first member to star in a movie.Shisso aka Dead Run (International title) premiered in North America at the 2005 New Montreal Film Fest.As she struggles to adapt herself to the proper manners and royal duties of palace life and to her disagreeable husband, Lee Shins sentimental cousin and second-in-line to the throne Yul steps into her life.


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