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For hardstone cameos, varieties of agate including onyx, sardonyx and jasper were popular.

These stones, with layers of different colors, allowed for depth and nuance in the carvings.

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Thousands of other Jewelry enthusiasts seem to like the idea too.

No matter how simple or hard you think your cameo question is, ask away, right here below on this page. From the sparkle of Diamonds and a long List of Gemstones, one turns to an Antique Cameo with a sense of relief as the eyes rest on the timeless beauty of the carver's art. If you have a Jewelry question unrelated to Cameo Jewelry then Ask Away At Antique Jewelry Investor Help Central Double Cameo of Lady with Monster on Head - what does it mean?

Who is the subject depicted on the surface of your cameo? The first photo is a cameo broach which was sold for ,250 at the Christies's auction in 2007.

The depth of the white layer in the helmut shell was sufficient to allow very high relief with lots of detail.

The methods used for carving these two types of cameos were as vastly different as the materials themselves.


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