Is richie sambora dating denise richards again

The two enjoyed a brief romance about five years ago.“They are dating again,” a source close to the couple revealed.Now we can look forward to clips of Richards everyday life, spliced and packaged and available in bite-sized bits for our Internet viewing pleasure.Denise Richards is back together with her ex-boyfriend Richie Sambora, according to reports.Richards said at the time that she wasn’t really best friends with Heather Locklear, and now she digging up that old dirt again to say that her friendship with Locklear had ended before she bedded Locklear’s husband, and that Locklear and Sambora were over by then too.Richards tried to set us straight about the love triangle no one remembers or even really cared about at the time in an exclusive interview with Access Hollywood.

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Richards started dating Sambora shortly after his relationship with Locklear ended and it all looked a bit suspicious to the outside world.

Radar Online is reporting the couple were seen dining together at a Los Angeles-area restaurant on Sunday (Oct. The two dated from 2006-07 after their high-profile divorces from Charlie Sheen and Heather Locklear.

The situation between Locklear and Richards was particularly hairy because the two were, at one time, very good friends.

“She wants nothing to do with her ever again.” Top Gun no more How the Top Gun’s image has fallen.

Tom Cruise, who was once known as Cruise Control for the tight control he had over his image, is now the subject of ridicule by a drag queen who tours college campuses.


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