Are lewis and hannah dating yogscast thanks for accommodating me

Anything with zombies, plundering tombs, crazy space adventures, spooky ghosts, and so on is deemed awesome!

When not playing the latest games, Hannah is usually posting pictures of cats on Twitter or streaming!

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Hannah started working as the Public Relations Assistant in July 2010, and later as the Operations Manager for the Yogscast, with her main jobs including reading and responding to fan mail and helping Lewis and Simon with video production.

There comes a time when you have to tell people things which aren’t always fun, and this is one of them.

So let’s keep it simple: Lewis and I are no longer together.

and simon were the guests on episode 23 [2] of the shaft podcast.

also took law for the first year, he failed the final exam and was dropped from the course, lewis said he hated studying law.


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