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I myself have been the moderator for online relationship forums starting back with People Link and Qlink (systems into which you had to dial in, before there was ubiquitous Internet), and even back then, the question came up quite regularly.

Here’s the thing: ask just about anyone which bothers them more – the idea of their spouse or mate being physical with someone, or the idea of their spouse or mate becoming emotionally involved with someone, and the vast majority of them will say that the latter is far worse.

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Any person in an exclusive relationship with someone who needs to act likethis is not happy in the relationship- they are seeking attention from someoneother than their partner.

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Once I'm in a room, I usually get a couple of invites to watch men on cam and I also can hear the microphone.

We say “yes” and you get to answer the question too, with our survey at the end!

Let me qualify our position on this by saying that in addition to our involvement now with all things Internet related, and Internet policy, we have been involved with the online relationship question since before most people were on the Internet.

Those warnings at the beginning of films that the version you’re watching is only licensed for home use - not for schools, or prisons, or oil rigs - will actually mean something if a camera can tell you have too many people watching at once.

It makes it harder to protect our privacy, to stop that blurring of what part of your life is yours and what part belongs to others.


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