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Yeah, I always go on teen chat it's the most interactive way to chat to new people and keep in touch with people that you talk to everyday when i am bored or i just want to talk to them :)and its just so colorful and pretty : P!! Join free online chat rooms and chat with friends, meet new people and more.Chat Moderators may kick you out of the room as a warning or permanently ban you, for but not limited to any of the rules listed above. In my country people can already see websites with sexy pics of kell xoxo i love being at teen chat is gives us a place to hangout and u meet great people with fun things in common it is the place to be if u love chatting with people.u can also go on this chat site from any were in the world.

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We are seeking American people like you to join our chat to make our chat room filled with people from everywhere.If you disagree with another individuals political opinion, do so in a mature manner. 'I hate men' or 'I hate women' is permitted by anything else is not. Flame wars are when two or more people write nasty messages to each other with no other purpose than to put each other down.- No sexual harassment of any kind of other members. - If you have an issue with another chatter take it to e-mail, etc. It tends to lead to further arguments in the chatroom.Living in the city I do, it's hard to find something to do, so Teen Chat has saved my life. Teen Chat is such a fantastic way to meet the coolest people from all over the world, i started in the teen chat then progressed to 20 somethings! best chat site on the net, and i love the new layout, i recommend it to all my friends! We have been receiving tons of emails since we decided to fold down this section of the site.


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