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The smashing superstar in Bollywood Akshay Kumar believes his gorgeous wife Twinkle Khanna to be the lucky mascot in his life.

Unfortunately, very few people have been privileged to get acquainted with Akshay Kumar Wife Twinkle Khanna Biography.Twinkle was a laugh riot - unabashed and unapologetic whereas hubby Akshay was just busy hiding his face behind the Koffee cup. Talking about her relationship with Akshay, she made some shocking revelations. Akshay quickly responded saying, "It wasn't a fling," desperately trying to change the topic. Initially, he thought it was out of concern until he found that list where I had jotted down everything. It was lying on the bedside." Akshay says initially he was very angry at Tina for doing this. "Well, there are 2 things which I don't wanna tell but they too haven't changed till date." All in all, it was a crazy laughathon with the Kumar couple and we hope to see more of Twinkle from now onwards. Akshay immediately retorted, "Because that was the outdoor for the shoot." Tina continued, "We were shooting in Calgary and I had no good book to read. I also said that if Mela flops, I will marry you." Then Mela tanked at the box office and the rest is history.In a recent interview with NDTV, when asked about Karan's show Twinkle said: "I have already called him and begged him to delete three lines.So, I hope he does delete those three lines." Every time Twinkle spoke on the show (which is most of the time, prompting Akshay to beg for his chance), Karan face palmed.Here is a quick glimpse on gorgeous actress Twinkle Khanna.


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