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Unauthorized people using Dyn Corp International’s brand may solicit money.

Dr Herta Mandl-Neumann Anisa, Verein für Alpine Forschung Raiffeisenstrasse 92 A-8967 HAUS i. Nueva Granada Los Rosales Caracas Venezuela E-mail: [email protected] Ara Demirkhanian Armenian Centre of Prehistoric Art Study National Academy of Sciences of Armenia Institute of Arts Marshal Bagramian Prosp. Arkhitektora Vlasova 15-1-26 Moscow 117335 Russian Federation E-mail: [email protected] Uzi Avner Negev Rock Art Center (NRAC) ADSSC and AIES Patio 655 Eilat 8808371 Israel E-mail: [email protected] Angus R. E-mail: [email protected] Wu Jiacai North China Rock Art Research Institute (NCRARI) Honder College 29 Airport Road Hohhot, Inner Mongolia People’s Republic of China E-mail: [email protected] Morris Northern Cape Rock Art Trust Archaeology Department Mc Gregor Museum P. Box 316 Kimberley 8300 South Africa E-mail: [email protected] Rob Burrett Prehistory Society of Zimbabwe (PSZ) P. Box 876 HARARE Zimbabwe E-mail: Professor Jack Steinbring Rock Art Association of Manitoba (RAAM) Dept of Anthropology Ripon College P. Therefore one of IFRAO’s initial principal concerns was the standardisation of those aspects of the discipline that are essential for effective communication and collaboration: methodology, terminology, ethics, and the technical standards used in analysis and recording.

Ruby De Valencia Archivo Nacional de Arte Rupestre – Venezuela (ANAR) Edificio TAMAYO & Cia, Piso 1 Av. EDU Dr Arsen Faradjev Moscow Centre of Rock Art and Bioindication Research St. As a result the discipline experienced a great diversity of research approaches and terminology, reflected in a multitude of idiosyncratic constructs, sequences, chronologies, names and definitions.

Over the subsequent twelve years, the number of affiliate members quadrupled to almost forty, and the current members of IFRAO cover most of the world.

International meetings would be held by nominating suitable rock art conferences as official IFRAO congresses at regular intervals.


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