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Then reading the reviews of their 2007 product (BAD), I called around to several stores (Staples/Office Max/Office Depot) who said MS One Care was the "new boy on the block" and recommended it.

Bought and installed, One Care 1.5 works as advertised with all that Norton says it provides--PLUS an integrated firewall, but without the "fingers-into-everything" design approach of Norton--and incidentally is a criticism of Mc Afee PC Protection Plus 2007 and similars, which slows down your PC [desktop or laptop] SUBSTANTIALLY, also a criticism of this software which I HAVE NOT experienced.

You can set the frequency it will run from once a week to once every four weeks in one week increments as well as selecting the day and time it will run.

Invariably a screen like this always brings up the question of whether or not you should leave the system running all the time or turn it off when it isn't in use.

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I dumped Norton System Works and their Personal Firewall as my 1 year expiration came up thinking I could buy it cheaper from an online auction site.) and while I can copy CDs from one CD-ROM to the CD-R/RW unit with NO PROBLEMS, One Care's Backup consistently errors out on my PC.Adding insult to injury, One Care itself selects the files it will backup, and these are DATA files ONLY, useless in the event of a full system crash, and I can back those up myself doing a simple drag'n'drop to my floppy or the CD-R/RW successfully.The managed beta program was launched before the public beta, and was located on Beta Place, Microsoft's former beta delivery system.On , Windows Live One Care made its official debut in retail stores in the United States.Tune-Up really doesn't care one way or the other.


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