Live wallpaper not updating

, and by far the easiest is to change the wallpaper.

There are hundreds of wallpaper apps on the Play Store, delivering content from across the internet, offering custom designs, or generating unique styles on the fly.

Bad, bad, bad light in a bathroom, it has always been dim in here. So just what do you do to update a space like this? Y’all were probably feeling bad that I had pink carpet in this bathroom and yeah, I was feeling bad about that too. Of course, the new flooring makes all the difference in the world in here. Here’s a good look at the existing aqua countertop I had to work with and I really don’t mind it at all now. You can see the mirror got a new frame and I will tell you all about that later. 🙂 Pretty new aqua rug (exact same color as the countertop) is wonderful on the feet and I gave all the trim and cabinets in here a fresh coast of Creamy paint by Sherwin Williams. New hardware was a must and I ordered these ORB beauties off Ebay. I love their delicate shape and they make a big difference in here too.

Some suggested that I should reglaze or paint the tiles. But no more…carpet is gone, as well as that ugly, ugly wallpaper and border. This pretty green metal shelf came out of my old green bathroom in AL, along with the accessories, most of which were found at yardsales.

We decided that we wanted the trim to be one color and the siding to be another color, just so the house had a little more dimension.

We didn’t hate the existing cream on cream trim and siding, but we did love a few other possibilities more, especially after walking around the neighborhood and staring at other brick colonials to see what they had going on.

The best we could come up with around 1985 was adding this lovely pink and seafoam wallpaper.

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Download: Muzei (Free) 500px is one of the leading communities for photographers on the internet.Live tiles—often simply called tiles—live on the Windows 8 Start screen and represent Metro-style apps, desktop applications, web pages, File Explorer folder locations, and other items, including information that is “deep linked” from within specially written Metro-style apps.In their default form, live tiles are simple opaque rectangles or squares, and they’re arrayed automatically on the Start screen in a grid-like pattern.With Windows 8, however, Microsoft is adopting the live tile interface pioneered in Windows Phone, offering users glanceable, dynamic information from your favorite apps, even when they’re not running.If you’re not yet familiar with it, the expressive nature of this user interface element may surprise you.As if all the blue and mauve trim on the inside of the house isn’t enough, we had some outside trim that needed some attention.


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