Android widget textview not updating

Android has different navigation options available to navigate between views in an android application.Navigation drawer is the the one of the best option out of them.(You can find this layout PSD in the download code) Once you are done with your app layout design, prepare the required icons and background images for the audio player application.Prepare your icons in different states like default, focused and pressed and place them all in your drawable folder.

The following demonstrates how to work with an SQLite database.As you can see in the below screenshot it simply list down the names of different planets and when we click on a single item it will close the navigation drawer and it will load an image of that planet. But those navigation drawers are customized by developers according to application requirement and usability.But android developer guide will not show you how to customize the navigation drawer according to users need.First part of this tutorial I’ll cover the basic implementation of navigation drawer from second part onwards I’ll show you how to customize it.If you know basic implementation then skip this part and refer the customization part. This tutorial describes how to use the SQLite database in Android applications.


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