Dating only see once week

Why is a man not clamoring to reserve his weekends for you, or take you on a short vacation, or meet your friends and family? I need a man who is looking for a relationship and you don’t seem to be that guy.

and to be a sucker for hanging around when you’re merely (and clearly) his “once a week” girl.

I would love to see her more often, but I work close to 50 hours a week, plus I recently got a condo and that whole process is taking a significant amount of time, but she understands that. 50 minutes may not seem like a lot to you, but its 2 hours of driving, maybe more with traffic. I think once a week is perfectly fine, but I have more of an independent mind where I don't really need to see the other person often.

My question is, why does he have to make the effort to see you. Besides, it's best to leave more to the imagination and mystery in the beginning, it will keep things interesting.

It’s gotten to the point where we speak once a week and see each other maybe once every two weeks.

I really like this guy, and was obviously getting frustrated that whatever was going on between us wasn’t going anywhere.

Don't worry about the frequency of your dates but rather the attention he gives you.

If he calls and texts and everything seems fine, there's nothing to worry about. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Over ,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum.

If they’re looking for a serious relationship, they’re going to spend more and more time with you on a regular basis. A few hours here and there, with the occasional sleepover, is casual dating territory. Not acceptable if it’s been going on for a couple of months or longer and you’re looking for something serious. But if this is someone who has never been married and they’re in their late thirties or over then they probably either aren’t anxious to commit because they don’t want to or have to, or they’re just not ready for/are capable of a real relationship. - A lot of people work hard to work out their stuff. No games, no drama, no inconsistent behavior, no excuses.

Let me preface this by saying that dating just for the fun of dating without any intention of committing is not wrong or bad. Accept the plans once or twice without saying you prefer to have more advanced notice or without sharing that you have other plans around which you need to schedule and they’ll think you’re always going to be available. But if you frequently find yourself at the other end of the 8pm or 9pm phone call asking you to meet them for a drink, or waiting by the phone on Thursday wondering if you’ll see them that weekend, you’re being taken advantage of. Everything is fun and light, and you two never talk about the future or where things are going.

In fact, I think it’s becoming more and more common amongst both genders. – This conversation is unlikely if you’ve only had a smattering of dates.

I texted him saying, “I like you, but it doesn’t seem like you have time for me.” I fully expected him to write back agreeing, and then things would be over. Instead, he wrote back saying that he wanted to see me again and made plans right away.

When we hung out, we talked about the text I sent him and he told me he was sorry and that he was just out of town and didn’t even realize how much time had gone by.


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