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Visual and verbal teaching in short segments is a much more successful approach.

Instructors and children feel a sense of accomplishment when many small tasks are completed successfully rather than partially completing a large, complicated task.

We focus on complete athletic development combining body awareness, agility, strength, power, and endurance into one complete program.

Our group sports performance programs are offered for our younger “pre-high school” athletes.

Attention spans of 6- to 9-year-olds are still short (no joke), and there is difficulty trying to process information from many sources.

Most of these children still need a more in-depth form of show-and tell for instruction.

Do not expect them to remember long, detailed directions and carry them out completely, or you risk an episode of brain overload.

Unrealistic expectations from instructors can lead to unpleasant situations if children are not able to complete a laundry list of plays.

You wouldn’t wear the same shoes to run on pavement as you would for a technical hike.In 1996 about half the team smoked, many drank heavily, few visited the gym (except under duress) and excessive attention to body image was distrusted as unmanly – or “gay”.The important conversations happened in pubs, curry houses, nightclubs. ” That was the question every player was asked at the end of play when I started out as a professional cricketer.Protein shakes and vegetable juices weren’t on the menu.We defy the saying “You can't teach speed.” Sport specific movement mechanics are addressed at every level.


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