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The vast majority of records of oracle script are the pyromantic divinations of the royal house of the late Shang dynasty at the capital of Yin.

The date of the Anyang examples of oracle bone script extends from ca.14th to the 11th centuries BC to c.1200-1050 BC.

When you do this a little 'radar' pops up on the app and searches for friends in your vicinity.

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We Chat works like other messenger apps, in fact it works quite well.

The instant messenger revolution started around 19 with ICQ as the very first successful player. Messenger, AIM and MSN/WLM followed, as well as Gadu-Gadu, QQ, Nate On, Live Journal, My Space IM, Google Talk, and many more, including the only open standard, XMPP or Jabber (not mentioning SIP/SIMPLE here).

In those times, most people connected to the internet using a landline modem.

The oracle bone script of the late Shang appears pictographic, as does the Shang writing on bronzes.

The earliest examples of oracle bone script appear even more pictographic than examples from later in the period, thus suggestion some evolution did occur over the roughly 200-year period. Their blurb at the launch in 2006: ACAF uses proprietary techniques to render the complex ideographs found in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) scripts.


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