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I am not slamming Tinder because it does work for people. I had never been on a blind date in my life but I like to think of myself who will go along with most things. I had some many thoughts flying through my head, ‘what if I meet the love of my life? We had a good chat and he was funny but there was no clichéd spark there.Alas, another dating path cruelly shut down for me but I would still jump at the chance to go on another blind date.

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This period, the 920s and 930s, is commonly regarded as the very height of Norse power in Ireland, and was when Limerick essentially equalled Dublin in power.Apps like Tinder and Plenty of Fish have invaded the dating scene and taken most of my generation with them, myself included. I’ve been single for over 6 months now and I’ve found it hard. I have tried Tinder and it just doesn’t work for me.It’s meant that I’ve had to actually attempt to meet people. I’ve had two pretty decent dates but honestly connecting with someone online and connecting with someone in the real world are two different things. Well I decided to go on First Dates Ireland as a background dater. The guy I was matched with was lovely but he had been signed up by a friend without his knowledge.It can take place via mobile phone apps or browser websites.For some people, there are advantages to this kind of dating.In today’s media, we have couples and romance shoved in our face from every angle. Last week I saw a couple engaging in a very violent shift-a-thon in the student bar in the UCD. Dating in Ireland in these modern times is an experience and a half.


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