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Yes there are laws that set age limits on these things, but there were, and still are parents today who decide to ignore the laws and rules and opt for this parenting style instead.Having older kids now 30 and 28yrs old, I’ve seen these different parenting styles in practice and the results amongst my own kids friends, and we have all probably been seen this parenting approach growing up, whether from our own parents or other friends parents.

However, Channel 4 News found the site to be full of pornographic sexual chat, despite the fact it is aimed at children as young as 13 years old.The cards can be used to buy furniture for the users online “rooms” in the hotel.WH Smith did the same, saying: “”We were concerned to learn of the allegations about Habbo Hotel made in the Channel 4 News report.In response, we have taken this product off sale, pending further investigation.” Independent producer Rachel Seifert spent two months playing this seemingly innocent game posing as a young girl.She found alongside the balloons and teddies, chats and interactions of an explicit sexual nature. Rachel said: “The chat was very sexual, perverse, violent, pornographic, overtly sexual acts, people saying they were going to do things to others, and it was very graphic.We know from our own research that youngsters of nine play on Habbo Hotel.


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